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Pro Football Hall of Fame "Before the Snap" ft. Jarrett Bell

Event Type
Pro Football Hall of Fame
wifi event
Nov 13, 2020   11:00 am - 12:00 pm  

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is proud to offer a brand-new series for learners in high school, college and beyond! “Before the Snap” gives an insight to professional careers in and around the NFL, while giving a live audience the opportunity to interact with an industry expert. On Friday, November 13th, 2020 at 12:00PM ET with special guest Jarrett Bell will be on hand to speak on their career, what they do in their current position and much more!!

Jarrett Bell has covered professional football for USA TODAY Sports since 1993 and has also served as a contributor at ESPN from 2013-2017. He has been a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Selection committee since 1997 and was also a part of the special 2020 Blue Ribbon Panel who selected the Centennial Team. Upon graduating from Michigan State, he covered sports in Texas, focused on the Dallas Cowboys and then the 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. Hailing from Detroit, he got his career in sports started young – with the Detroit Red Wings PR Department.

We will be streaming the program LIVE on the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Facebook page and will take questions from students throughout the program. To participate, all you will need to do is:
- Visit at 12:00pm ET on Friday, November 13th, 2020 to view the program
- To ask a question, comment on the post with the following information:
 Name of School (if applicable)
 Location
 Question for Industry Expert

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out! You can contact me at 330-588-3558 or by email at

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