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Research Seminar: Leveraging AI & HPC to Enable Semiconductor Manufacturing in the Angstrom-era

Event Type
Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation
May 25, 2022   11:00  
Pradeep Ramachandran, KLA's Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Lab (AI-ACL)
Originating Calendar
Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation

The Center for Artificial Intelligence Innovation will be hosting a Research Seminar on Wednesday, May 25th from 11:00am-12:00pm at NCSA room 1030 and Zoom. The speaker for this seminar will be Pradeep Ramachandran from KLA's Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Lab (AI-ACL). Pradeep will be presenting on "Leveraging AI & HPC to Enable Semiconductor Manufacturing in the Angstrom-eras." 


Semiconductor manufacturing is approaching the Angstrom-era with innovations such as gate all around transistors, and chip to chip integration technologies enabling the continuation of Moore's law. This talk will highlight some of the challenges that these advanced technologies pose to manufacturing semiconductors, and will cover how modern AI & HPC technologies are being leveraged to address these challenges to enable high-volume manufacturing. We will also give a peek into some of the solutions that KLA is pioneering in this space.

Speaker Bio:
Pradeep Ramachandran is the Director and Head of Research at KLA's Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Lab (AI-ACL) based out of IIT Madras Research Park. AI-ACL focuses on doing advanced R&D in AI & HPC technologies to enable KLA to maintain its leadership in process control tools for semiconductor manufacturing. AI-ACL is located in the IIT Madras Research Park in Chennai, India.

Pradeep holds a Btech from IIT Madras, and an MS and PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Prior to joining KLA in 2021, Pradeep worked as an Architect in the memory controller performance simulation and modeling team at Intel, and as Principal Engineer at MulticoreWare Inc, and Uhnder Inc. Pradeep’s research interests lies at the intersection of hardware and software and has developed several system-level solutions that leverage the synergies at the boundary.


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