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Navigate the new normal with innovative COVID-19 monitoring solutions

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Sep 23, 2020   10:30 - 11:15 am  
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As the COVID-19 outbreak is significantly hitting businesses and the economy around the world, enterprises are grappling to navigate the impacts of the pandemic. But with certain technological advancements, businesses now have the ability to automate numerous processes for protecting the health and safety of their workers while maintaining business continuity.

Innovative COVID-19 monitoring solutions can help industries to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus by ensuring social distancing protocols and hygiene norms. These solutions include mask detection, temperature screening and proximity alerts, which are developed using the latest proven technologies like computer vision, the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and other smart, connected devices that can help enterprises to safely resume their business operations.

In this webinar, our experts will talk about the challenges faced by businesses due to the ongoing pandemic and the role of COVID-19 monitoring solutions in addressing these issues. They will discuss a few use cases of innovative COVID-19 detection and prevention solutions and how they can help businesses prevent, mitigate and contain the outbreak while adjusting to this new normal.

You will also see how these solutions keep data privacy and security at the center and can be integrated with existing enterprise systems, employee attendance portals, etc. for a safe and secure operating environment.


  • Introduction: COVID-19 impact on businesses
  • Challenges faced by the markets due to the pandemic
  • Why you need COVID-19 monitoring solutions in the new normal
  • The rise and adoption of technology solutions
  • Use-cases on COVID-19 detection and prevention in battling the crisis
  • Q&A session
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