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Stride for Sustainability

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Engineers Without Borders
Illini Union
Apr 22, 2023   10:00 am  
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Join us as we run to raise money to build infrastructure for communities around the world!

Why EWB?

We know there are a lot of 5Ks this time of year that benefit great causes. So why should you register for this one?

By joining us at our Stride for Sustainability, every dollar you contribute will go directly towards our international infrastructure projects and reach communities around the world. Your run will have a global impact.

Here are the projects you support:

Chilaweni, Malawi Bridge Project

  • During the monsoon season, the community of Chilaweni, Malawi loses access to vital resources due to a flooding river that becomes impossible to cross
  • The community is cut off from markets, hospitals, and schools, and people have died while trying to cross the river
  • EWB-UIUC is building a vehicular bridge to connect the community to the nearest city to ensure that Chilaweni can access these resources year-round

El Guarango, Ecuador Water Project

  • After an earthquake in 2016, the community of El Guarango, Ecuador lost vital water infrastructure when their water system was damaged
  • As a result, the community must store its water for two months at a time, causing waterborne illness to become prevalent
  • EWB-UIUC is implementing a water distribution system that will consistently provide families in the community with clean water

Los Méndez, Guatemala Sanitation Project

  • The restrooms and sanitation system at the community school of the Los Méndez area are nearing the end of their lifetime and are unable to keep up with the school's growing population
  • EWB-UIUC is building new bathrooms and a new biodigester-based sanitation system that will be sustainable and easy for the community to maintain
  • With sanitation a more pressing concern than ever in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we aim to meet the students' sanitary needs and create a positive learning environment
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