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Black and Latinx Summit

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Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center & La Casa Cultural Latina
I-Hotel & Conference Center
Feb 24, 2024   9:00 am - 6:00 pm  
Black & Latinx Summit Planning Committee
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La Casa Cultural Latina

2024 Black & Latinx Summit | Resistance in Resilience: Intertwining Our Roots Standing Our Ground. 

Register today for the 2024 Black & Latinx Summit for an impactful day of workshops, keynote addresses & panel discussions, and networking & socializing opportunities that center our mission of equity and values of empowerment, community, and solidarity. The Black and Latinx Summit (BLS) is a free annual  summit that seeks to bring students, staff, faculty, and our communities from all intersections into shared a space to learn and connect. This focus is an intentional understanding of the traumas that communities of color in the United States have faced both historically and contemporarily. It is also cognizant of the strides we take each day to heal our wounds and better prepare us for the next change in our circumstances. By creating this space, we hope others will join us in exploring the landscape of our communities and finding ways to make us stronger as a collective.   

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