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Emerging Agricultural Biotechnology: Opportunities and Challenges for Environmental Systems

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CEE 595AG Advanced Environmental Engineering Seminar
Yeh Center 2311
Nov 10, 2023   10:00 - 10:50 am  
Dr. Kimberly Parker
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Currently, synthetic biology is revolutionizing sectors including agriculture through the rapid development and adoption of emerging biotechnology products. In this seminar, Dr. Parker will share how her group is addressing critical environmental challenges resulting from the adoption of emerging synthetic biology products in agriculture. Firstly, she will present her research on the environmental transport and degradation of novel double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) biopesticides. Secondly, she will discuss her group’s recent work investigating the transport and reactions of potent herbicides applied on new herbicide-tolerant GM crops in the agro-environmental system. Finally, she will present her perspectives on what environmental chemists and engineers are able to contribute to ongoing conversations surrounding risk assessment of emerging synthetic biology in agriculture and other sectors.

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