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CIRCLE Distinguished Lecture Series

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Feb 21, 2023   8:00 pm  
Dr. Sarah Bell
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Distinguished Lecture Series
Jointly sponsored by CIRCLE and REN

Co-designing Urban Resilience

Dr. Sarah BELL
Melbourne Chair in Urban Resilience and Innovation
University of Melbourne

February21, 2023
 8:00 p.m. CDT - 10:00 a.m. Beijing Time
via Zoom

ABSTRACT: Cities are increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of acute shocks, such as extreme heat and intense storms, and chronic stresses, such as economic inequality and poor air quality. Improving the resilience of urban systems and communities is of growing concern to city leaders, businesses and citizens. This is a complex task requiring collaboration between diverse stakeholders and across academic and professional disciplines. Co-designing urban resilience engages those impacted by urban shocks and stresses in decisions about how best to improve resilience. Bottom-Up Infrastructure was a research program based in London 2014-2020 that aimed to improve urban resilience by engaging local communities in infrastructure design and decisions. This lecture will describe the Bottom-Up Infrastructure co-design method as it was developed through case studies of urban drainage, the water-energy-food nexus and air pollution. It will consider the problem of extreme heat in cities and how co-design methods might help to develop sustainable and resilient solutions.
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