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Physics Careers Seminar: "Why Tech Companies Actually Value Your Physics PhD"

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Department of Physics
222 Loomis
Oct 21, 2022   12:15 pm  
Dr. Souvik Dutta, Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Veritas Technologies
Lance Cooper
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Physics - Careers Seminar

Abstract: I will discuss what transferable skills a PhD teaches us, and how they can be applied to securing and doing well in the Tech/Finance sector. I will talk about how to structure your resumé to maximize receiving interview calls, the general interview process for Tech companies, and will touch upon what the Tech job market looks like in the near future. Finally, I will share some of my own experience in the transition process.

Bio: I did my undergrad studies at IIT Bombay (India) before joining UIUC as a Physics PhD student. My advisor was Dr. Thomas Faulkner, and my thesis work was in a branch of theoretical physics, called the Gauge/Gravity duality. Getting a PostDoc in this field was overwhelmingly competitive, and so I decided to move to the industry. I have been a Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Veritas Technologies in San Francisco CA, where I help derive predictive insights from data.

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