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CEE 595AG: Of Pipelines and Turbines: The Politic of Illinois' Energy Transition

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CEE 595AG Advanced Environmental Engineering Seminar
Yeh Center 2311
Sep 15, 2023   10:00 - 10:50 am  
Assistant Professor McKenzie F. Johnson, UIUC Natural Resources & Environmental Science
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In this talk, McKenzie Johnson (NRES) examines the contentious politics of Illinois’ energy transition. Since 2016, Illinois has been roiled by opposition to different forms of energy infrastructure development. Understanding when and why opposition to infrastructure development emerges has thus become a critical task for scientists and policymakers. Examining opposition to the construction of both oil pipelines and wind turbines, Johnson unpacks understandings of energy justice in Illinois, and its potential to shape our ability to pursue a just energy transition.  

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