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Newmark Distinguished Lecture

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CEE - Structures
Campus Instructional Facility, Room 0027
Feb 21, 2022   4:00 pm  
Prof. Gregory Deierlein - John A. Blume Professor of Engineering Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
Marissa Miller
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Informing Strategies to Promote Earthquake Resilience through Performance-based Simulations

Abstract:  Advancements in high-performance computing and information technologies are making it possible to integrate detailed performance-based analyses of buildings, lifeline systems and other assets into regional-scale earthquake simulations. These high-resolution simulations can empower earthquake engineers to look beyond engineering of individual buildings to help develop more informed strategies for post-earthquake recovery.  This presentation will review some of these key advancements through an application looking at earthquake risk posed by the large inventory older steel-framed buildings in downtown San Francisco.  Detailed building analyses incorporate models to simulate damage in fracture-critical welded connections as a function of weld metal toughness and quality.  The analyses consider the collapse safety of damaged tall buildings, which is a key consideration in post-earthquake evaluation and functional recovery of both the damaged buildings themselves and the surrounding neighborhood.  The study further examines alternative strategies for mitigating the risks, including seismic retrofit and other measures, to facilitate post-earthquake recovery of the downtown business district of San Francisco.

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