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Customizing a 3D Print with Tinkercad

Event Type
CITL Innovation Spaces
wifi event
Feb 23, 2021   11:30 am - 12:00 pm  
Megan Baird
Originating Calendar
Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

Customizing a 3D Print with Tinkercad


In this virtual workshop you will learn how to find, prepare and customize a design in Tinkercad, a free tool, to be 3D printed. 


3D printing is easier than you thought and anyone can do it! During this workshop we walk you through the tools and materials needed, some of the limitations, and walk you through the process of finding and customizing a design. While the workshop is online, you are invited to join us at the Innovation Studio and actually 3D print your design during our open hours (Tue/Wed 12-3p). Whether you’re making something for yourself, a friend, or want to expose your class or group to 3D printing - bring your ideas, questions, and creativity for this fun and informative event.


Join the event via zoom: 


TechHub visitors are currently limited to four at a time. No appointment needed, just drop in. Current negative COVID test and face coverings required for everyone’s safety.


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