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Library Friends Webinar : Mix-tapes, VHS Recordings, and iPhone Photos: Preserving what Matters

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University of Illinois Library Friends
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May 4, 2023   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Jennifer Hain Teper
Registration via Zoom
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A Special Presentation by
Jennifer Hain Teper
Velde Professor and Head of Preservation Services

While there is a growing nostalgia for our old mix tapes on compact cassettes, our legacy LP collections, and old family films, we are faced with growing challenges to actually be able to play many of these legacy audiovisual formats. But the preservation challenges of our personal legacy AV collections pale in comparison to the challenges we will soon face with the preservation of our growing digital photos and files, even though there is not yet a fond nostalgia for 3.5 inch floppy disks or thumb drives. Jennifer will present an overview of the typical AV and digital formats that many consider valuable to us and will present basic steps that people can take towards better preservation strategies to ensure that you will be able to continue access to these materials for years to come. 

Jennifer Hain Teper serves as the Velde Professor and Preservation Librarian at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Library overseeing conservation, collections care, digital preservation, and digitization services throughout the library system. Before her current position began in 2009, she served as the head of conservation at Illinois from 2001-2008. Jennifer graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in August of 2000 with a MLIS and Certificate of Advanced Study in the Conservation and Preservation of Library and Archival Materials. She teaches several preservation and conservation-related courses in the Graduate School of Information Science at the University of Illinois and also serves as an instructor at the Center for Collections Care. Her current research interests focus on the prioritization of preservation actions in academic and research libraries relative to holdings in shared print repositories and digital access and DEIA efforts within conservation education. She is a Fellow of the American Institute for Conservation.

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