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Adrianna Calcanhotto - Music as Poetry: A Conversation With One of the Most Internationally Renowned Brazilian Singers Today

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Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies
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Apr 22, 2021   6:00 - 8:00 pm  
Adrianna Calcanhotto
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Elis Artz
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Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies

Certain poetic effects that seem new and contemporary to us have existed for a long time and have marked the western song. The Brazilian case is as complex as Brazil is, which encourages discussion about the extreme quality of popular poets, samba musicians, who in the vast majority, without further studies, left works of great poetic stature that are still sung and loved to this day. For me, as a singer and songwriter, through these studies of the archeology of the popular song every day I am more convinced that if there are two things that can change the world they are love and music.

Adriana Calcanhotto is a multi-platinum performer and Latin American Grammy Award winner.  She won the “Best Portuguese Language Song” for “Tua,” and the Best Children's Album with "Adriana Partimpim.” Her songs have a force of their own, broadcast on radios and picked up by television shows and exported all over the world. Composing widely popular ballads to conceptual art inspired by the greats in Literature and poetry, largely influenced by Brazilian modernism, her original songs continue to be re-recorded by great musicians.

Currently professor and ambassador at University of Coimbra, Adriana showed great devotion for words, books and poetry. She not only wrote melodies for some of her favorite poems, but worked together with important voices of contemporary poetry, performing with Augusto de Campos, Antonio Cicero, Waly Salomão and Ferreira Gullar. Adriana also published poetry anthologies for adults and children, who best know her for her heteronym Adriana Partimpim.

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