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Photograph of a cork board with the word "storytelling" in colorful letters pinned to it.

Everybody's Got a Story

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Spurlock Museum of World Cultures, Illinois Arts Council Agency
The Spurlock Museum of World Cultures
Feb 18, 2024   1:30 pm  
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Spurlock Museum - Event

Everybody has stories to tell, and we’d love to hear yours. In connection with the ongoing Black Joy Project at the Spurlock, we invite members of the community to share memories, legendary tales from family or friend groups, important moments…anything you wish to share or think others might like to hear. No age restrictions! Have you ever heard a 4-year-old tell a story? We have, and it’s fantastic.

Can I attend if I’m not Black? Of course! However, we especially encourage women and girls from our Black and African American communities to attend and share at this event, as the Black Joy Project is a space dedicated to the celebration of their voices. We encourage other attendees to mindfully engage by listening and celebrating with us.

What happens at the Spurlock stays at the Spurlock: Your stories are yours, and we will not record or share them outside of this event.

This program is partially sponsored by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency. 

Image credit: Elena Mozhvilo at Unsplash.

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