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iOptics Seminar

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iOptics at Illinois
Beckman Institute Room 3269
Sep 29, 2022   11:00 am  
Prof. Simeon Bogdanov, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Benjamin Nussbaum
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Title: "Nanoassembled quantum photonic devices with nanodiamond-based color centers"

Speaker: Prof. Simeon Bogdanov, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Abstract: Color centers in nanodiamonds coupled to nanophotonic structures feature unique properties to realize high-bandwidth quantum photonic devices. They exhibit photostable and narrowband single-photon emission. Their natural compatibility with plasmonic resonators unlocks a giant enhancement of light-matter interaction and enables photon emission rates in the GHz range. Color centers in nanodiamonds can be integrated into any robust photonic platform. However, varying sizes of nanodiamonds and the heterogenous properties of color centers pose fundamental challenges for device fabrication. Recent innovative methods for nanodiamond growth, large-scale screening, and deterministic nanoparticle transfer show promise for realizing nanodiamond-based quantum optical devices. We will zoom in on our recent demonstrations of rapid techniques for large-scale optical screening of quantum emitters, including machine-assisted confocal microscope focusing in a noisy environment and all-optical nanodiamond sizing.

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