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Migration, Health and Well-Being: Investigating the Role of Neighbourhood Contexts in Immigrant Health

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Department of Geography & GIS
Nov 20, 2020   3:00 - 4:00 pm  
Lu Wang, Ryerson University
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Department of Geography & GIS
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Geography and Geographic Information Science

International migration and aging are two global trends that are rapidly transforming the demographic landscape of North American cities. As a global city and the largest immigrant gateway in Canada, Toronto is home to a highly mobile population with strong transnational connections and an aging immigrant population with over 70% of older adults are foreign-born. Meeting the health care needs of transnational migrants is a growing priority.


The research talk will first present a case study exploring the unequal geographic access to neighbourhood amenities and the health implications for Sri Lankan immigrants using a mixed-method approach combining spatial-quantitative and qualitative methods. Tamil-speaking primary care physicians, South Asian grocery stores, and green space are identified as key neighbourhood resources shaping the health outcome of the group that includes many older adults. The talk will highlight other related case studies including; the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the well-being of immigrant residents in different neighbourhoods in Toronto, transnational healthcare practice of older South Korean immigrants in Toronto, and the changing spatial organization of Chinese and South Asian grocery retailers that function as important sources of healthy foods for ethno-minority households. Drawing from these case studies, the talk will provide a discussion on the core theoretical and methodological issues in research on migration, neighbourhood and health.

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