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Presenting the SPT-3G Preliminary Point Source Catalog from the First 3 Years of Survey Data

Event Type
Center for AstroPhysical Surveys
NCSA 3100
wifi event
Oct 14, 2022   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Melanie Archipley
Srinivasan Raghunathan
Originating Calendar
Center for AstroPhysical Surveys

The latest South Pole Telescope survey, SPT-3G, is halfway through a 1500 square degree survey of the southern sky. The result is some of the richest data at millimeter (mm) wavelengths, suitable for large-scale science including cosmic microwave background (CMB) studies as well as small-scale discoveries of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and transient objects. I will present the preliminary point source catalog from three years of winter observing, consisting of over 22,000 significant emissive detections. This catalog already includes 4.5 times as many sources as the previous SPT catalog, and we are able to detect sources 3 times fainter at the central frequency than the previous survey. I will show the first results of cross-matching the 3G catalog to external catalogs, characterizing spectral types, and identifying significant sources with no counterparts as we begin to extract worthy sources for follow-up.

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