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IQUIST seminar: "Achieving the Ultimate Timing Resolution", presented by Luis Sanchez-Soto, Complutense University of Madrid

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Jan 25, 2022   11:00 - 11:50 am  
Luis Sanchez-Soto, Complutense University of Madrid
Hannah Stites
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Achieving the Ultimate Timing Resolution

Abstract: Measuring small separations between two optical sources, either in space or in time, constitutes an important metrological challenge. Standard intensity detection fails for vanishing separations, as quantified by the time-honored Rayleigh's criterion. Recently, it has been established that appropriate mode projections can appraise arbitrarily small separations with quantum-limited precision. This has been demonstrated in the lab, both in the spatial and the temporal domain. However, the question of whether the optical coherence brings any metrological advantage to mode projections is still a point of debate. Here, I will discuss this problem and show new experiments puting forwards the effect of varying coherence on estimating the temporal separation between two single-photon pulses. 

Bio: Luis L. Sánchez-Soto received his MSc (1984) and PhD in Physics (1988) from the Complutense University of Madrid. He has been visiting researcher at numerous Universities, including Boston, Paris, Stockholm, Munich and Olomouc. He has been a full professor of Quantum Optics in Madrid since 2002. In 2009, he joined the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, in Erlangen, where he leads the theoretical group in the Division of Optics and Information. His main research interests are quantum optics and quantum information.

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