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IQUIST seminar: "Quantum optomechanics in interferometry and transduction", presented by Cindy Regal

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Nov 16, 2021   11:00 am  
Cindy Regal, Associate Professor of Physics, JILA Fellow, University of Colorado
Hannah Stites
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Quantum optomechanics in interferometry and transduction

Over the last decades, quantum effects in vibrations of micromechanical resonators have been observed in a surprising range of experiments.  Achieving the quantum regime with tangible motion of solid objects has both piqued the curiosity of physicists, and enabled new approaches to difficult tasks in manipulating quantum information.  I will present experiments in our group that measure the motion of micromachined drums, and discuss how they evolved from a rich history of read-out and control in quantum optics and precision measurement.  I will highlight our current efforts to use micromechanical motion as a link between quantum states in disparate parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Bio: Cindy Regal is an Associate Professor of Physics at the University of Colorado and a JILA Fellow.

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