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IQUIST seminar: "A new science of quantum sound"

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Mar 23, 2021   11:00 am  
Konrad Lehnert, Ph.D., Jila, University of Colorado, Boulder
Julie Moore
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IQUIST Seminar Series

"A new science of quantum sound"

Abstract: The mechanical vibrations of man-made and macroscopic objects have recently come under quantum control. It is now possible to resolve the individual quantum particles of sound and to measure, prepare, and manipulate the quantum state of vibrating membranes and acoustical resonators. I will describe how these fragile quantum states were tamed and how this new capability might be applied. Unlike electrical and optical systems, which are governed by fundamental equations of electromagnetism, acoustical phenomena are described by the equations of elastic waves in solid bodies. They are subject to different limitations and can reach different regimes of behavior. The speed of sound in a solid material is 100,000-fold slower than light, elastic waves do not propagate through vacuum, and they couple to atom-like defects through strain rather than electrical or magnetic dipole interactions. These facts have consequences for quantum information science that we have yet to fully understand.

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