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IQUIST seminar: "Precision of weak measurement"

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Feb 9, 2021   9:30 am  
Lijian Zhang, Ph.D., Nanjing University
Julie Moore
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IQUIST Seminar Series

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"Precision of weak measurement"

Weak measurement reveals partial information about a quantum system without collapsing it. The measurement outcome, weak value, may lie outside the spectrum of the measurement operator and can even be complex. This phenomenon has been used to amplify small effects in precision metrology, as well as to reconstruct the wavefunctions of quantum systems directly. Yet the amplification effect of weak measurement comes at the cost of a reduction in the rate at which data can be acquired, due to the requirement to select almost orthogonal pre- and post-selected states. Therefore, whether weak measurement can really enhance the measurement precision or even beat the classical limit has been under debate for a long time. Here I will talk about a proper analysis of the precision of weak measurement using the tools of quantum metrology and give examples for the practical advantages of weak measurement in precision metrology. I will also talk about the applications of weak measurement to directly characterize a quantum detector and its precision. 

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