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IQUIST seminar: "Quantum enhancements in photonic information processing"

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Jan 26, 2021   11:00 am  
Saikat Guha, Ph.D., University of Arizona
Julie Moore
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IQUIST Seminar Series

Title: "Quantum enhancements in photonic information processing"

Abstract: The ultimate limits in photonic based information processing---be it the maximum rate of reliable and secure communications, resolution of an optical imager or sensor, or the computational power of an optical computer---are all ultimately governed by the laws of quantum mechanics, since light is fundamentally quantum. Most current-day systems, which do not exploit the manifestly quantum properties of light, are limited to classical (often purportedly "fundamental") performance limits that can be far inferior to the truly-fundamental quantum-mechanics-mandated performance limits of such systems in their encoding, transmitting, processing or extracting information in the photon. In this seminar, I will discuss a few illustrative problems and applications in quantum communications and networking, and in optical sensing and imaging, where exploiting quantum effects at the transmitter or the receiver measurements could lead to performance enhancements. Interspersed with my talk, I will also describe what new capabilities in experiments and in theory would enable those various applications.
Research Summary:
My background lies at the intersection of information theory and quantum optics. At the high level, my research interests lie in investigating fundamental quantum limits of photonic information processing with applications to optical communications, imaging, sensing and computation. I am interested in investigating structured realizations of optical systems whose performance can approach these fundamental limits. I am also interested in network information and communication theory, and applications of ideas therein to developing scalable realizations of photonic quantum computing and a quantum communication network.

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