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IQUIST seminar: "Plasmon-enhanced quantum emitters for ultrafast quantum photonics"

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Aug 18, 2020   11:00 am  
Simeon Bogdanov, Illinois Illinois Electrical and Computer Engineering
Becky McDuffee
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IQUIST Seminar Series

Abstract: Nearly all existing applications of quantum photonics are limited by our ability to generate and manipulate single indistinguishable photons deterministically at high repetition rates. Solid-state quantum emitters are excellent sources of single photons for applications in quantum networks. Metal-based nanostructures made from low-loss plasmonic materials allow a targeted and strong enhancement of light-matter interaction in a broad wavelength range. As a result, the far-field single-photon emission rates from solid-state quantum defects could overcome both the rate of dipole dephasing and that of plasmon absorption in metals. Integrated plasmon-enhanced devices can be used as a platform for cryogen-free high-speed integrated quantum photonics. We establish simple and intuitive fundamental enhancement limits for plasmonic systems coupled to quantum emitters and present practical methods for achieving these advantageous regimes. We also discuss methods for the on-chip integration of such single-photon sources and related opportunities for the readout of solid-state spins.


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