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Blended Petullo Insight: Registration Opens

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Illinois Leadership Center
Mar 16, 2022 - Apr 7, 2022   All Day
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ILC I-Programs

The Petullo Insight program is designed to help students focus on self-awareness and self-management skills. Students who participate will be able to explain their strengths to others and practice them in an individual and team setting. 


i-Programs have been the cornerstone initiative of the lllinois Leadership® Center (ILC) since opening our doors. Designed as six-hour seminars, these programs focus on a particular aspect of leadership practice.


Blended i-Programs require the completion of online modules related to the i-Program curriculum prior to the program. Modules will be completed online via Canvas and will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete. Students will also attend a 2-hour in-person discussion session, at a location on campus, in which they will participate in activities and discussion related to the i-Program content with facilitators and peers. Completion of both the online modules and attending the entirety of the in-person discussion section are required to receive credit for the program.


Key Dates for this i-Program: 


Registration Closes: April 7th


Modules Due: April 12th by 11:59pm 


In-Person Session: Tuesday, April 19th from 5:00-7:00 PM

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