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CITL Faculty Book Club: Digital Literacy Made Simple - Strategies for Building Skills Across the Curriculum

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CITL - Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning
Jan 25, 2024   11:30 am - 1:00 pm  
$18.99 for Kindle Edition
David Favre
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Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

CITL Faculty Book Club

One book, eight friends, and infinite possibilities! The next chapter of the CITL Faculty Book Club will meet online. It’s a great way to connect with colleagues from different disciplines who are curious about the same topics that interest you. Our selected book will be…

Digital Literacy Made Simple: Strategies for Building Skills Across the Curriculum (Kammer & Hays, 2023)

Discover and explore simple ways to teach digital literacy skills throughout the day and across various content areas, without a formal digital literacy curriculum.

Digital literacy describes skills and ways of thinking related to the use of technology, including the technical competence to communicate, evaluate and interpret digital information, navigate websites and understand why all these skills are important.

All students need these skills to be responsible participants in school and society. However, teaching digital literacy can be challenging for teachers who have many other content standards they must address. In this book, two innovative educators demonstrate how to weave digital literacy skills throughout instruction in small ways, with simple strategies to discuss, model, mentor, build a learning culture and create digital experiences to improve students' digital literacy skills and habits.

Topics presented in this book address all major components of UIUC’s definition and assessment of teaching excellence and are essential for instructors who will teach online.

Joining our book club has many benefits:

  • Creating new collegial friendships
  • Learning from each other’s experiences and points of view
  • Earning an Accredible badge that can be displayed on LinkedIn
  • Suggesting ideas for our next book

If you are a faculty member at UIUC or a post-doc with teaching responsibilities, please consider joining!

Please check your calendar to determine if you can commit to attending all of our meetings occur 11:30-1:00: On three Thursdays Jan 25 and Feb 8, 22, & one Tuesday Mar 5 (2024).

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