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Entomology Colloquium - Zhiyong Xi, Professor, Michigan State University - "From lab to field: developing Wolbachia to combat mosquito-borne diseases"

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Department of Entomology
Nov 13, 2023   4:00 pm  
Zhiyong Xi
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Substantial efforts have been dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to combat mosquito-borne diseases as traditional approaches proved inadequate.  The ability to establish artificial symbiosis between Wolbachia bacteria and mosquitoes allows us to leverage cytoplasmic incompatibility and pathogen interference for reducing mosquito vectorial capacity. I will introduce our recent work on Wolbachia-host interactions that foster the formation of this novel symbiosis and its potential for blocking pathogens in mosquitoes. To expedite the translation of Wolbachia-based strategies into practical tools for dengue control, we have conducted field trials involving the weekly release of millions of Wolbachia-infected male mosquitoes to induce sterile mating. This has resulted in the successful near-elimination of mosquito population in the release sites. I will also discuss ongoing efforts to explore various release strategies and technology developments aimed at enhancing the efficacy and sustainability of disease control.

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