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The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning is dedicated to promoting, enhancing, and assessing teaching effectiveness and student learning. In addition to the events listed below, we are always available for individual consultations or workshops designed specifically for your department or college.  *Many workshops can be applied towards the CITL teaching certificates. Learn more about our teaching certificates. 

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Trigger Warnings: An Evidence-Based Approach for College Classrooms (Rescheduled from April 12)

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Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning
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Apr 19, 2022   1:00 - 2:00 pm  
James Steur, CITL Graduate Affiliate
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James Steur
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Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

This workshop has been rescheduled from the original date of April 12.

Over the last decade, trigger warnings have received both adamant defense and sharp criticism in college classrooms. This session explores the history of trigger warnings as well as their potential benefits and downsides in the classroom. By the end of the session, participants will have a better understanding of how they can handle sensitive topics in the classroom; they will also be able to justify the use or non-use of trigger warnings in the classroom.

This is a TA-to-TA workshop, designed for TAs and offered by one of CITL's Graduate Affiliates.


This workshop counts towards the Graduate Teacher Certificate or the Certificate in Foundations of Teaching.

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