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The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning is dedicated to promoting, enhancing, and assessing teaching effectiveness and student learning. In addition to the events listed below, we are always available for individual consultations or workshops designed specifically for your department or college.  *Many workshops can be applied towards the CITL teaching certificates. Learn more about our teaching certificates. 

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Art of Teaching Seminar Series: Integrating Multi-Media Course Tools to Support Studio and Design Learning

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Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning
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Oct 7, 2021   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
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Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

Studio-based courses require students to create original and sophisticated content while they are learning to use the tools and techniques required to produce that content. This session will discuss strategies for integrating broad-function collaboration tools into studio courses to reinforce course-specific skill attainment by employing these same tools for student presentation, evaluation, and assessment of multi-stage multimedia projects.


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