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The Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning is dedicated to promoting, enhancing, and assessing teaching effectiveness and student learning. In addition to the events listed below, we are always available for individual consultations or workshops designed specifically for your department or college.  *Many workshops can be applied towards the CITL teaching certificates. Learn more about our teaching certificates. 

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Art of Teaching: Lunchtime Seminar Series

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Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
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Dec 1, 2022   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Ava Wolf
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Center for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

December 1: The Hybrid Classroom: The Best of Both Worlds, or the Worst?
Aimee Barbeau and Eric Larson (Gies College of Business)

The hybrid classroom is often called the best of both worlds, and theories show that allowing students more autonomy increases satisfaction and learning. But data collected told a different story about student satisfaction. Aimee and Eric will describe the role of social context in the classroom and discuss their findings on the relationship between autonomy and satisfaction, as well as the need for instructors to consider not just individual students but the whole classroom environment.

About the Seminar Series

The Art of Teaching Lunchtime Seminar Series features inspiring faculty from across the disciplines sharing their thoughts and strategies about the art and science of teaching and learning. In the first semester (Spring 2021) we showcased CITL Faculty Fellows and some of the research they have been doing on their teaching. In the second semester (Fall 2021) we featured faculty who are early in their careers sharing tools and strategies they are still developing. In the third semester (Spring 2022) we looked at alternative approaches to teaching and learning that included social justice, game-based pedagogy, and newer approaches to assessment.

This semester (Fall 2022) we return to the theme of faculty research with exemplary presenters sharing how they are conducting research on their teaching or using research to inform their teaching. Join us on Zoom the first Thursdays of the month from 12pm-1pm as we welcome new faculty, new stories, and new ways of thinking about the art of teaching. All sessions will continue to be recorded and presenter materials gatheredFor more information, or to suggest a speaker for the series, please contact: Ava Wolf at

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