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What is a Qubit? – An Introduction to Quantum Computing

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Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering Building, Room 1002 (Grainger Auditorium), 306 N. Wright St., Urbana, IL 61801
Apr 23, 2022   10:00 - 11:00 am  
Eric Chitambar, Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Romit Roy Choudhury

Saturday Engineering for Everyone is an open and free lecture series aimed at non-engineers of all backgrounds who are interested in learning about engineering topics.

Where: This talk will be in-person in the Grainger Auditorium (ECEB 1002).

Speaker: Eric Chitambar, Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Overview: From computers to smartphones, technology provides powerful ways to store and transmit information. However, there are limitations to the speed and storage capacity of these devices. To study these fundamental limits, scientists model information in terms of “bits’’ that are encoded into different configurations of a physical system.

Recently, scientists have begun to investigate the possibility of encoding information within the subatomic world of quantum mechanics, where bits of information are now called “quantum bits”, or qubits. The mysterious properties of quantum mechanics allow for new computing and communication methods that can surpass certain limitations of current technology.  In this talk, I will introduce some of the basic principles of qubits and describe how they are used in quantum computing. 

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