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MiV Seminar: Sepideh Sadaghiani "The connectome multiplex"

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NSF Expeditions - Mind in Vitro
2405 Siebel Center for Computer Science
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Apr 12, 2024   3:30 - 4:30 pm  
Sepideh Sadaghiani
Gregory Pluta
Originating Calendar
Mind in Vitro: an NSF Expedition In Computing

Title “The connectome multiplex”

The human functional connectome has become synonymous with its fMRI heritage, yielding slow connectivity on the basis of infraslow fluctuations in hemodynamics. Recently however; these slow connectivity patterns have been complemented with fast connectivity patterns rooted in electrophysiology. In this talk, I discuss how the synergistic interrogation of the functional connectome using different acquisition methods has demonstrated that the connectome comprises both fast, oscillation-based connectivity observable with EEG, and extremely slow connectivity best captured with fMRI. While the fast and slow processes share spatial organization, these processes unfold in a temporally independent manner as spatially equivalent infraslow-to-fast streams of connectome states. Our findings suggest that the same dynamics are engaged at all timescales, but at different speeds. We therefore envisage infraslow and rapid connectivity of various frequency bands as a multiplex of concurrent trajectories through a shared state space of discrete connectome configurations. We conclude that connectome dynamics at all timescales obey the same temporal principles, but do so at different speeds.


Sepideh Sadaghiani is Associate Professor of Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience program area) and Bioengineering, and faculty of the Neuroscience Graduate Program at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She directs the CONNECTlab at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology where she is full-time faculty. Sadaghiani received a Ph.D. in Neural and Behavioral Sciences from the Max Planck Graduate School and postdoctoral training at Berkeley and Stanford. She investigates the role of neural connectivity and spontaneous brain activity in cognitive control and behavior through a multi-modal lens. Sadaghiani serves as handling editor at Imaging Neuroscience (formerly NeuroImage) and Network Neuroscience. She has been recognized as National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Awardee, Lincoln Excellence for Assistant Professors (LEAP) Scholar and Helen Corley Petit Scholar. Her work has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the NSF.

 If accommodation is required, please email <erink@illinois.edu> or  <communications@cs.illinois.edu>. Someone from our staff will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Event Type:  Seminar/Symposium
Sponsor:  NSF Expeditions – Mind in Vitro
Location:  2405 Siebel Center for Computer Science

Pizza will be provided after the seminar.


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