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Speaker Angelo Gurgel - Future Patterns of U.S. Agricultural Land Use with Multiple Stressors

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Sponsors - Program in Environmental and Resource Economics (PERE) and Climate, Regional, Environmental, and Trade Economics (CREATE)
Mumford Hall 426-428
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Apr 15, 2024   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Angelo Gurgel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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Climate change, income and population growth, and changing diets will be major stressors for global agricultural markets with implications for land use change. US land use will be affected directly by local and regional forces and indirectly through international trade. There are wide-ranging views on how climate change will affect agriculture, how diets will change, and prospects for economic and population growth. There are debates and uncertainty about the general direction of these forces as it could affect land use globally and in the U.S. Conventional studies suggest relatively little change in cropland use in the near-term to 2050. But others have asked whether the various forces operating globally are a perfect storm in the making.
We investigate how those forces will impact land use changes in the U.S. and their implications from a multisector, multisystem dynamics (MSD) perspective focused on understanding dynamics and resilience in complex interdependent systems, focusing in particular on the Mississippi river watershed. We investigate how global stressors might, in combination, affect regional land use change. Significant land use change in the Mississippi river watershed would have implications for carbon storage, soil erosion, chemical use, hydrology, and water quality.

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