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Comsol Day: Biomedical Technologies

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wifi event
Jun 9, 2022   11:00 am  
Dario Rodrigues, Hyun-Joo Park
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See what is possible with multiphysics simulation

Modeling and simulation methods, such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and structural analysis, have been used for quite some time for the analysis of biomedical devices. Multiphysics analysis, on the other hand, is relatively new for understanding, designing, and optimizing devices and processes in biomedical technology.

Biomedical technologies encompass many different applications involving multiple coupled physical phenomena — or multiphysics, which is best described by systems of partial differential equations. These range from tumor ablation using RF waves that create localized heat sources to the electrophoretic separation of red blood cells in microfluidics applications.

COMSOL Day: Biomedical Technologies will focus on how modeling and simulation aid in designing biomedical devices and understanding the underlying physical phenomena of these devices. Parallel sessions will focus on: fluid flow and microfluidics, electromagnetics and acoustics applications, biochemical sensors, and bioheating. Experienced users from industry will present their simulation work and COMSOL engineers will hold several technical sessions throughout the day.

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