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Dr. Victor Uteshev, Epigen Biosciences, "Therapeutic Modalities of Alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Ischemic Stroke AND Beyond"

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MIP Seminar Committee
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Apr 7, 2022   11:00 am  
Victor Uteshev, Ph.D.
Julie Moore
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Molecular and Integrative Physiology (MIP) Department Seminar Series

"Therapeutic Modalities of Alpha 7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Ischemic Stroke and Beyond"

Epigen is a start-up pharmaceutical company with a mission to discover innovative, proprietary drugs for unmet medical needs. The company works in a highly collaborative translational manner, to facilitate the transition of discoveries from laboratory to clinic. We operate through collaboration with academic groups in their respective areas of expertise. Epigen provides strategic project management and medicinal chemistry support. The company founders have over 50 years combined successful experience in drug discovery and development and a track record of advancing compounds to the clinic and commercial registration. The company creates value by bridging the gap between lead identification and clinical proof-of concept. Ideally, each asset will have a 2-5 years turnaround time from IP to IND enablement and completion of Phase 1 studies. Epigen uses advanced hit-to-lead and lead optimization methods, such as computational design, scaffold-hopping, focused library synthesis and screening. We use modern in silico drug discovery tools in concert with ADME property determination. Our established network of resources gives us the capability to discover assets and advance them beyond IND stage into early clinical trials through the evaluation of physicochemical properties, solubility, metabolic stability, CYP450 inhibition, hERG liability, oral bioavailability, CNS penetration, toxicology and in vivo efficacy.

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