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"Environmental Models and Big Data"

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ACES International as part of the Virtual Global Academy
wifi event
May 10, 2021   12:00 - 1:30 pm  
Jorge Guzman Jaimes, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Suzana Palaska
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Achieving a sustainable agro-production system involves evaluating the tradeoffs between ecosystem services and disservices. However, in meeting the challenges for food security amidst threats such as excess nutrients, soil erosion, and soil degradation, tradeoffs have become more visible in policy-making and a growing concern for conservation and sustained productivity. For instance, a platform that evaluates sediment production and transport at large scales in a mechanistic manner with the ability to capture the dynamics in agricultural landscapes and transform this information into decision analytics that stakeholders can interactively use is challenging. The overall goal of this talk is to illustrate advances and challenges when integrating big data in hydrologic models at scales that are important to our agro-production systems. A computational system that can underpin mitigation strategies from farm to regional scales with the capacity to render interactive information is better positioned to assist stakeholders through the decision-making process. Furthermore, improve assessments of nutrients and sediment and facilitated the evaluation of risk and tradeoffs associated with different land management schemes and preferred alternatives to increase productivity while minimizing soil degradation.

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