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IQUIST Special Seminar: "How New Breakthroughs in Neutral-atom Quantum Processors Tell the QuEra Computing Story," Nathan Gemelke, QuEra Computing

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Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center
190 Engineering Sciences Building
Sep 6, 2023   3:00 - 3:50 pm  
Nathan Gemelke (Co-founder and CTO) – QuEra Computing
Hannah Stites
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How New Breakthroughs in Neutral-atom Quantum Processors Tell the QuEra Computing Story

Abstract: Manipulating information with quantum processors in a useful way has been a long-standing goal for a field that as of now has spawned over a thousand new dedicated organizations, across academia, government, and industry worldwide. Like many industries, innovation occurs both incrementally and non-incrementally. I will describe two cases of the latter: (1) starting six years ago when neutral-atom processors discovered a pathway for scalable quantum simulation, setting the stage for many new discoveries in fundamental science and sub-advantage commercial applications of quantum information processing, and (2) in the last year, when neutral atom processors developed key innovations allowing for scalable control and high-fidelity gates and opened a door for near-term development of error-corrected and fault-tolerant devices.  I will describe the myriad of remaining challenges including both technical and commercial – from overcoming decoherence to introducing coherence into a nascent technical ecosystem.


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