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Free Tools for Qualitative Data Analysis

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Savvy Researcher
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Feb 13, 2024   7:00 - 7:50 pm  
Jess Hagman, Social Sciences Research Librarian
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In this workshop, we will discuss free tools that are available for conducting qualitative data analysis, with a focus on Taguette and spreadsheet tools. This workshop does not assume any previous knowledge of Taguette or other QDA software, but does expect that you know how to work with data in spreadsheet format. If you would like to explore Taguette before the workshop, you can create an account on the Taguette website or explore their guide.

This session will work from this online guide:

By the end of the workshop, we expect that you will be able to:

  • Use the features of Taguette for qualitative data analysis, including:
    • Create a project in Taguette and add research collaborators
    • Upload text data to Taguette
    • Build a code book with a hierarchical structure
    • Code text data using codes and
    • Export coded data from Tageutte to a spreadsheet
  • Describe which spreadsheet tools can be used in qualitative data analysis
  • Describe how Taguette and spreadsheet software can be used in your own research project
  • List other free tools for qualitative data analysis and assess their use for your own work, including QualCoder and R

Looking for a software specific workshop? You can find workshops recordings and slides of workshops on NVivo, Atlas.ti, MAXQDA, Quirkos, R and PKM software on this guide. 

If you're interested in scheduling a workshop on any of these topics for your class, research team, or lab, please contact Jess Hagman. You can also schedule an appointment with Jess Hagman to meet as an individual or a small group.

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