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Physics Careers Seminar: "Opportunities at Cisco Quantum Research"

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Department of Physics
wifi event
Feb 3, 2022   11:00 am  
Dr. Hassan Shapourian, Quantum Scientist, Cisco Research
Lance Cooper

Abstract: Cisco Research has started an ambitious quantum research vision with an aim to develop hardware and software technologies for quantum computing, networking, and cryptography. Here at Cisco, we believe that quantum photonics can be a common workhorse technology for all three areas. In addition to in-house research, we are already conducting within Cisco’s Quantum Research team, we have initiated collaborations with several different universities on projects that are well-aligned with our research vision. In this talk, I will give an overview of research at Cisco and my experience so far as a scientist in industry.

Bio: Hassan started his PhD studies in Condensed Matter Theory at Urbana, and later moved to the University of Chicago with his advisor where he received his degree in Spring 2019. Since then he had worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard/MIT condensed matter theory group and Microsoft Station Q before joining Cisco as a senior quantum researcher. At Cisco, he leads a wide range of projects on photonic quantum computing from algorithms to architectures and hardware physics. He is a recipient of Simons Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, John Bardeen Award from UIUC, and Harper Dissertation Fellowship from UChicago.

This seminar will be presented virtually. Anyone interested in seeing the seminar remotely via Zoom should contact Lance Cooper at

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