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INHS Seminar - Fish assemblages on two continents differ in responses to large- and local-scale geomorphic variation

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Illinois Natural History Survey Seminar Committee
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Sep 6, 2022   4:00 pm  
Dr. Mark Pyron, George and Francis Ball Endowed Chair in Environmental Sciences, Ball State University
Jason DeBoer
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Join Zoom: here Meeting ID: 846 9713 2217 | Password: 955439

Abstract:  Valley-scale features of river networks can be used to identify unique reaches, Functional Process Zones (FPZ), that share hydrogeomorphic features. These unique reaches are categorized using regional geology, valley conditions, channel and valley geomorphic structures, climate, and hydrologic patterns. Further details for fish habitat include local hydrology at the reach-scale. Discrete fish assemblages, or attributes of their assemblages are predicted to be associated with FPZs and local hydrology. Our hypotheses were that fish assemblages in rivers of western US and Mongolia classified by taxonomy and traits would have strong relationships with valley-scale hydrogeomorphic and local hydrology variables. We further predicted that fish assemblages in Mongolian rivers would have stronger relationships with valley-scale hydrogeomorphology than in US rivers due to increased anthropogenic influences in the US. We identified rivers in the US and Mongolia in three ecoregions, grassland, forest-steppe, and endorheic.

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