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INHS Seminar - Research and conservation at Tyson Research Center and the greater St. Louis region: an overview of experimental tick-borne disease research, data networks, and monitoring programs for mammals, birds, and amphibians

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Illinois Natural History Survey Seminar Committee
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Oct 12, 2021   4:00 pm  
Dr. Solny Adalsteinsson, Tyson Research Center, St. Louis, MO
Dr. Holly Tuten
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Meeting ID:  818 8452 5189 | Password: 688026

Tyson Research Center is the 2,000-acre field station of Washington University in St. Louis, positioned at the edge of the metro region in the southwest corner of St. Louis County. In recent years, Tyson has created positions to bring in new research foci and expand its collaborative reach through data-sharing and participation in research coordinated networks. As Tyson’s vector-borne disease & wildlife ecologist, I lead and collaborate on a variety of research and monitoring projects, of which I will provide an overview in this talk. These projects include: 1. An investigation of how prescribed fire affects the ecology of tick-borne disease; 2. Quantifying mammal and bird occupancy and diversity along an urbanization gradient as part of the Urban Wildlife Information Network; and 3. Reviving legacy natural history surveys at Tyson to monitor populations of bats, amphibians, and large mammals. Through this talk, I aim to share research results and inform the INHS community about resources and opportunities available through Tyson for research and potential collaborations.


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