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Deadline: Siebel Scholars

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Illinois Computer Science
Jul 6, 2021   All Day
Hannah Gorrie
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See the Siebel Scholars page on the CS Awards Wiki.

The Siebel Scholars Program was founded in 2000 to recognize the most talented students at the world’s leading graduate schools of business, computer science, bioengineering, and energy science including Carnegie Mellon University; École Polytechnique; Harvard University; Johns Hopkins University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Northwestern University; Politecnico di Torino; Princeton University; Stanford University; Tsinghua University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, San Diego; University of Chicago; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; University of Pennsylvania; and University of Tokyo.

Each year, outstanding graduate students from each institution are honored as Siebel Scholars based on academic excellence and leadership. Each Siebel Scholar receives a merit-based award of $35,000 in the final year of his or her graduate studies. The award is granted in addition to any other financial aid, assistantships, fellowships, loans, or other awards he or she may receive.

Today, over 1,500 of the world’s brightest minds are Siebel Scholars. This exceptional group has the unique opportunity to directly influence the technologies, policies, and economic and social decisions that shape the future. Siebel Scholars serve as key advisors to the Siebel Foundation, guiding the development of innovative programs the Foundation initiates. The Siebel Scholars community is also integral to a highly outcome-driven Siebel Scholars conference to explore critical social issues.

Be aware that finalists’ materials will be submitted to the Siebel Foundation for a review, and winners’ submitted materials (especially pictures and biographies) may be used as a part of news stories and other publicity related to the award, through both the University of Illinois and the Siebel Foundation.

The target time for the winners to be notified is early August, with a public announcement following in early September.


The Siebel Scholars award is based solely upon academic achievement and excellence, and is not need-based financial aid. Nominees should:

    • Rank within the top 10% of their class based on academic results
    • Have a track record of distinguished academic merit
    • Demonstrate excellent leadership qualities
    • Have completed at least one year and is reasonably expected to have only one year remaining in the Master’s or be in the last year of the undergraduate program in a co-terminus undergraduate and Master’s program (in which case the student should expect to graduate with both degrees within one academic year),
      • or Nominee is a Master’s student in a 16 or 18 month program (either those who have been in the Master’s program for one year and have six months left, or those who have been in the program for six months and have one year left).

All awardees must be registered and attend classes at an affiliate Siebel Scholars campus in a degree-seeking program. If a student is not currently enrolled in classes, or transfers to a non-affiliated Siebel Scholars campus, the Foundation must be notified, and the award may be rescinded.

Required Materials:

  1. Contact Sheet
  2. CV/Resume - Make sure this includes your GPA,(including Spring 2021 grades), expected graduation date, citizenship status, employment, and lists of any research publications, leadership positions, and/or entrepreneurial activities.
  3. Photograph - A digital, high resolution, color photograph suitable for print publication; preferably a well-composed head-shot that is at least 1 megapixel
  4. Biography Statement - A short statement, 100-150 words in length, written in the third person, and at minimum, describing your research and employment history. (It may be best to think of the biography like a short abstract or executive summary of your case – it will duplicate information from the CV, research statement, and excellence/leadership statement.) 
    1. For examples of the sort of statement that is appropriate, see the biographies of a few CS faculty (though, these are longer):
      1. Prof. Adve
      2. Prof. Snir
      3. Prof. Amato
  5. Research Statement (2 page limit, 12 point font) - Discuss past, current, and planned (likely your thesis) research. In addition, describe your motivation to do research. Where appropriate, please discuss the intellectual merit and the broader impacts of your research (that is, discuss the actual/likely/possible scientific and broader societal contributions/repercussions of your research).
  6. Excellence/Leadership Statement (2 page limit, 12 point font) - Discuss any notable achievements and/or activities that demonstrate your excellence, but especially those that show your qualities and contributions as a leader. For example, volunteer/community service contributions, student leadership contributions, artistic contributions, and/or involvement in business-related or entrepreneurial activities. (This discussion should include all such activities, not just activities at Illinois – i.e. undergraduate activities should be discussed.)
  7. Letter of recommendation from thesis adviser - If you do not have an adviser, then this letter should be from a faculty member who knows you well. The letter should be submitted directly from the letter writer to Hannah Gorrie ( This letter should attempt to address as many of the following as possible: (a) your research accomplishments, (b) your leadership, (c) your academic performance, and (d) your communications/presentation skills. I recommend that you request this letter as soon as possible since many faculty are, or will be, traveling during the summer.

Materials should be submitted by 11:59P on 7/7/2021 to Hannah Gorrie ( Please provide your materials each as ONE PDF file (2, 4-6) with your contact sheet and photograph separate (e.g., 21-22. Siebel Scholars - Last Name, First Name and Last Name, First Name.jpg). The department will provide a letter of support on the behalf of the selected student(s).

Should you have any questions, please contact Hannah at

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