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How to use uncertainty in data from direct numerical simulations of turbulent flows.

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Mechanical Science and Engineering
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Sep 16, 2022   12:00 pm  
Professor Svetlana V. Poroseva, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico
Amy Rumsey
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Statistics collected from direct numerical simulations (DNS) of turbulent flows are often used as reference data when analyzing the flow physics and validating turbulence models. Whereas uncertainty in such data is small to compare with other numerical approaches to simulating turbulent flows, this was found to be insufficient from the turbulence modeling perspective. Running simulations significantly longer using the state-of-the-art grid revealed a presence of a systematic error in the data in the near-wall area. The origin of this systematic error remains an open question. However, the analysis of the data uncertainty has resulted by now in i) a new framework, RANS-DNS simulations, for the data uncertainty quantification so that the quality of various DNS datasets can be compared in an easy objective fashion, and ii) a new criterion for the grid resolution in the areas of high velocity gradients.

 About the Speaker

Dr. Poroseva is an associate professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico with the courtesy appointment at the UNM Department of Mathematics and Statistics. She is also affiliated with the UNM Center for Advanced Research Computing. Her research interests include modeling and simulations of turbulent and transitional flows, applied aerodynamics, extreme weather forecasts, survivable systems, renewable energy, and bio-inspired designs. She holds Ph.D. degree in the fluid and plasma mechanics and M.S. degree in physics with the focus on aerophysics and gas dynamics from the Novosibirsk State University in Russia. Prior joining UNM, she was affiliated with the Center for Turbulence Research at the Stanford University, Aerospace Engineering Department at the Texas A&M University, the Center for Advanced Power Systems and the School of Computational Science at the Florida State University, and the Institutes of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics and Thermophysics at the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Poroseva is an associate fellow of AIAA and a member of the AIAA Turbulence Model Benchmarking Working Group. She is also a member of APS DFD, ASME, and a honorary member of the Pi Tau Sigma Society.

Host: Leonardo Chamorro


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