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From particle migration over porous structures to flow transitions and instability in non-colloidal suspensions

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Mechanical Science and Engineering
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Apr 1, 2022   12:00 pm  
Professor Parisa Mirbod, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, University of Illinois at Chicago
Amy Rumsey
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Suspensions are very prominent both in nature and industry and ranges from micro-,

bio-devices to sediments in rivers. This seminar will present the numerical methods that

employs constitutive laws to predict the flow transitions and onset of the instabilities of

semi-dilute and concentrated suspensions in geometries including Taylor-Couette flow for

very low particle and suspension Reynolds numbers. It also covers the transition of

suspensions with the existence of thermal convection, i.e., Rayleigh-Bénard convection.

Different regimes of the transitions of suspension flows and their comparison with the pure

Newtonian fluid in similar geometries will be discussed. The experimental analysis of the

suspension flows over porous structures performed by Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI)

and PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) techniques will be also introduced. The insights

gathered from these analyses will lead to novel methods to control particles in the flow and

near the wall in a wide range of industries and technologies related to the processing and

transports of suspension flows.


About the Speaker

Dr. Parisa Mirbod is currently an Associate Professor in the Mechanical and Industrial

Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She received her PhD

degree from City University of New York-Graduate Center with Prof. Sheldon Weinbaum

& Prof. Yiannis Andreopoulos and she did her Postdoctoral with Prof. Jeffrey F. Morris at

Benjamin Levich Institute, New York. She has built her career on deriving innovative

theoretical, computational, and experimental methods for fluid mechanics, complex fluids,

particle laden flows, and flow over and through permeable surfaces. Her research has been

funded by agencies including National Science foundation (NSF) and Department of

Defense-Army Research Office (DOD-ARO). She received the I@UNITO Faculty

fellowship from University of Turin. She is also a recipient of the IFPA-New investigator

NIH award and a recipient of the NASA Glenn Faculty Fellowship. She looks forward to

stimulating technical discussions during the seminar.

Host: Professor Leo Chamorro  

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