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ISE Graduate Seminar Series: Ozan Candogan

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Apr 15, 2022   10:00 am  
Lauren Redman
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Information Design in Operations: From Social Networks to Supply Chains

Abstract: Information can be used as a natural lever to improve outcomes in many settings of operational interest. For instance, by appropriately sharing information (about a payoff relevant state) a retailer can influence the production decisions of its suppliers, a social network can influence engagement or product adoption decisions of its users, and a ride-sharing platform can influence the relocation decisions of its drivers. In this talk, I will focus on settings where payoffs of multiple agents and a designer depend on agents’ actions, and (affinely) on the state. I will present a novel framework for obtaining the optimal information disclosure policies of the designer, shed light on the structure of the optimal policies, and cover some of their counter-intuitive properties. I will illustrate the applications of this framework to social networks as well as supply chains. On the methodological side, I will present new structural results on optimization problems over distributions subject to a mean-preserving contraction constraints and additional linear side constraints. 

This talk is based on the results from the following papers:

Bio: Ozan Candogan is an Associate Professor of Operations Management at Chicago Booth.  He studies the impact of networks on operational decisions. He also develops new methodologies for the study of complex social and economic systems. His work has applications to the operations of online social networks, ride-sharing platforms, delivery platforms, two-sided marketplaces, supply chains, and online advertising platforms.  Ozan Candogan was a finalist for the 2013 George Nicholson Student Paper Competition and the 2021 M&SOM Service Management SIG Prize. He is also a recipient of the 2009 Siebel Scholarship and the 2012 Microsoft Research Ph.D. Fellowship.

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