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Special Seminar - "Advanced Battery Materials Research at Nazarbayev University"

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering
100 Materials Science and Engineering Building, 1304 W. Green Street
Oct 5, 2023   4:00 pm  
Professor Zhumabay Bakenov, School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Nazarbayev University
Bailey Peters
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"Advanced Battery Materials Research at Nazarbayev University"

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are dominating the market of rechargeable batteries, and applied as power sources and storage devices for various applications from portable electronics to large scale stationary energy storage. These batteries provide superior performance compared with other available battery technologies in terms of high energy density, stability, rapid operation and many other advantages. However, emerging applications especially in consumer electronics and electric transport demand even better batteries, which can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, conform with flexible and wearable applications, and capable to work in extreme conditions, and all these combined with an exceptional safety and lower cost. This can be achieved via redesigning and improving existing battery materials to satisfy these requirements, enhancement of battery cell engineering to optimize the battery performance,   and by developming and implementating new materials for LIBs.

These demands encouraged our Battery Group at Nazarbayev University to actively develop research on major battery components, as well work on advanced methods of processing of raw materials for battery application, and intensify our studies towards efficient battery recycling technologies. Some of our projects address the above challenges for batteries for flexible applications, low temperature operations, thin film and microbatteries, and safe large scale energy storage from renewable sources. 

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