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Weapons of Mass Destruction - Proliferation: Challenges, Opportunities & Careers

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LAS Global Studies; Program in Arms Control & Domestic and International Security; Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program
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Oct 1, 2020   5:00 pm  
Timothy Wedig
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Interested in a careers in international affairs and security?

The international community faces no shortage of challenges when it comes to preventing the spread of nuclear weapons. The crisis in US-Russia relations, the slow pace of nuclear disarmament, the future of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, and the emergence of new technologies with military applications–these are just a few of the issues that nuclear policy professionals are working to address today. Each of these problems will require creative ideas and novel methodologies to surmount.

In this talk, Sarah Bidgood and Dave Schmerler (UIUC 2012) will highlight different opportunities and approaches to contribute to this process.  They will focus in particular on the need for greater diversity, including gender diversity, among experts and practitioners in this field. All students, regardless of their prior knowledge of nonproliferation, disarmament, or arms control, are welcome to attend.

This event takes place online on October 1 at 5pm central, registration is required at:

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