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Backpack to Briefcase: Nurturing Your New Career

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CEE at Illinois
Oct 28, 2021   5:30 - 6:30 pm  
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Keely Ashman
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You have a knockout resume that has been reviewed, critiqued and polished. You know what the recruiters want to hear. You made it through the interviewing process unscathed. You got a job offer and successfully negotiated an acceptable salary and benefits. You know what to expect when you start your new job. But do you know how to turn that new job into a meaningful lifetime career? In this final session of the Backpack to Briefcase Series, members of the CEE Alumni Association Young Engineers Division will talk about how to nurture and enhance your career to achieve ongoing success and happiness. We will explore the importance of ongoing networking, continuing education, involvement in trade associations, involvement in your community, and how to handle the stress of balancing your career with all of the other aspects of your life. For CEE at Illinois students.

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