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CQE Workshop on Scalable Quantum Control

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Chicago Quantum Exchange
Discovery Partners Institute, 200 South Wacker Dr., 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60606
Aug 15, 2022   9:00 am - 5:00 pm  
David Shimomura
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This workshop is open to Scaling up hardware for quantum information processing is a critical requirement for quantum processors to achieve practical utility. A key challenge is the sustained precision control of large quantum systems.  Many current quantum computer architectures consist of a layered control stack between algorithms and physical implementation. Scaling up requires optimization of pulses and communication between the layers. Efficient, accurate, and sometimes large-scale classical simulations of quantum devices provide a necessary glue between the layers, allowing for practical generation of quantum optimal control pulses. This workshop will bring together researchers with expert knowledge of these different layers in order to stimulate collaborations and accelerate scaling-up of quantum devices. In addition to the talks, there will be a panel discussion between the speakers.

The workshop will be in-person. This workshop is intended for those who are in or have completed a graduate program.

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