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Sean Hagen

ISTC Seminar | Grid Operations 101: The Grid is a Complex Machine

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Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (1 Hazelwood Dr. Champaign, Illinois 61820), Room 131
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Mar 19, 2024   12:00 - 1:00 pm  
Sean Hagen - President and Managing Director of Hagen Global Consulting LLC, Chairman and CEO of the Institute of Global Energy Education Inc.
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Abstract: This presentation lays out the basic elements of electric power grids as part of a broader effort to support informed decisions related to electric power. As policy makers strive to achieve ‘Net-Zero’ and/or a zero-carbon electric power grid, effective policies must be aligned with core engineering principles. Electrons do not care about elections or regulations – they go with the flow – as determined by physics and the Laws of Thermodynamics. Accordingly, the more policy makers – and voters – understand how electrical grids work, the better equipped decision makers are to achieve their stated objectives.

Biography: Sean Hagen is a global leader in energy and engineering, known for transforming organizations. He specializes in adapting to shifts in the electric power industry, improving efficiency and processes. He excels at team building, stakeholder engagement, and problem-solving, focusing on shared goals and innovative solutions.

Sean holds a BSCE from UIUC (Class of ’82), an MBA from North Central College, and is a licensed Professional Engineer. He is an active member of ASTM, sitting on several committees: E10, Nuclear Technology Applications; E44 on Solar, Geothermal and Other Alternative Energy Sources; E50 on Environmental Assessment, Risk Management and Corrective Action; and E53 on Asset Management.

Sean has leadership roles as chairman of committee E44.50 on Education related to Solar, Geothermal, and Alternative Energy Sources, and as Vice Chair of committee E53 on Asset Management. Sean is active in other professional associations, such as ASME, IEEE, and ANS, and was named the Milestone Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Sean has spent over 40 years in the electric power industry applying the core engineering principles he learned in Civil Engineering at UIUC across other disciplines to bring order to ambiguity.

He has led multi-disciplinary project teams and projects globally as a Senior Structural Engineer, Project Engineer, Plant Engineer, Project Manager, Director of Technical Services, Engineering Site Manager, Senior Principal Consultant, and Project Director on projects as diverse as new-, existing-, and advanced-nuclear; combined-cycle-, renewable-, and coal-power plants; transmission & substation; low- and high-level radwaste; and Independent Project Oversight on multi-billion-dollar projects for company Boards

Hagen currently leads both Hagen Global Consulting LLC as President and Managing Director and the Institute of Global Energy Education Inc., a 501c3 non-profit, as Chairman and CEO. Additionally, he launched Global Energy Education TV ( in 2023.

The shared Vision of these companies is that energy-related policies and business decisions are anchored in core engineering principles. Their shared Mission is to educate everyday people – from policy makers and business executives, pre-k thru 12 students, and university undergrad and graduate scholars – about how energy works, and electric power grids can provide a sufficient amount of reliable, resilient, affordable, safe, and sustainable amount of electricity for everyone.

This webinar is a certified green event by the University of Illinois' Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment. 

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