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A + D Visitors Series Lecture | Emily Ward Bivens “Approaching Wildness and Other Acts of Violence”

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School of Art + Design Visitors Committee and the Animal Turn Research Cluster
Mar 3, 2022   5:30 pm  
Emily Bivens
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Emily Bivens, presented as part of the School of Art + Design Visitors Series.

In this talk, I will discuss the cohabitation of animals and humans.

To get close to wildness is closely associated with notions of taming and to tame is an affront, even violence, to the wildness inherent in animals. I will talk about artwork and literature that present a futile effort to rectify these desired oppositional impossibilities.

I will offer two equally confounding solutions neither of which satisfies a utopian vision of cohabitation. In one scenario, humans keep a distance in order to preserve, which in turn risks disassociation with the natural world and even apathy towards it.

In another, humans embed themselves in a misguided assumption that their presence is benign. Conflicts of taxonomy, ethics of reanimation, and a celebration of the defense mechanism of rodents will be conflated to form my inconclusive theory on how to be human in this world right now.

The talk might be a bit on the sad side only slightly masked with humor.


Registration is required for this artist talk, which will be in English and delivered via Zoom. | Register Online

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